PNMsoft Unearths Emerging Business Process Management (BPM) Trends in Digital Business Survey Report

Survey shows over 50 percent of senior IT professionals believe business process management (BPM) optimization can increase revenue and reduce costs by more than 15 percent

PNMsoft, the Microsoft Gold Partner and global provider of intelligent BPM software (iBPMS) solutions, today announced the release of its Digital Business Survey Report on emerging BPM trends in the Digital Age. PNMsoft identified the numerous profound trends by analyzing results from a survey of 162 senior IT professionals. 

Conducted in Q3 2015, the PNMsoft-sponsored survey was administered by Inbox Insight, a market leader in digital B2B demand generation. The participating senior IT professionals hailed from major companies and were polled on their current views of and upcoming plans in BPM. Key findings from PNMsoft’s Digital Business Survey Report include:

  • Majority of respondents believe business process optimization can provide a significant impact on the business bottom line, generating over 15 percent added revenue and saving over 15 percent in costs.
  • “Business Moments,” unpredictable changes that occur during windows of time within a business ecosystem, and “Hot Processes,” dynamic business processes that require frequent changes to resources to optimize business performance, are two new concepts that are expected to gain wider recognition and become high on the radar for IT leaders in the next one-two years.
  • Although BPM suites continue to move towards low-code BPM, out-of-the-box functionality that allows developers to create BPM applications with minimal coding, it has yet to be embraced by IT leadership and project methodology. 80 percent of respondents reported they do not use low-code technology and only four percent plan to.
  • IT leaders are realizing how critical improving customer experience (CX) and operational efficiency is to the success of their businesses. When asked what their key focus is for 2015/2016, 21 percent stated improving CX and 29 percent stated achieve operational efficiency, while only 13 percent wanted to gain a competitive advantage.

James Luxford, CTO, PNMsoft, said:

We intend for this report to provide an accurate snapshot of the perception and direction of BPM’s role within the enterprise. It is evident through these emerging trends that IT leaders understand business process optimization is vital to a business’ ability to survive and thrive in today’s digital landscape. At PNMsoft, we stand at the helm ready to help businesses meet the business process demands of today and into the future with iBPMS.

The Digital Business Survey Report is available for download at:

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